CRAFTS - Simplified childcare administration software program

CRAFTS (Childcare Documents, Attendance, & Financial Monitoring Program) is simplified childcare administration software program developed exclusively for Accredited Property Child Care Companies, Montessori, Prior to & Right after Programs, and Centre Primarily based Kid Care in Canada. This cloud application helps make Kid Treatment Centres of all sizes far more successful and lowers the time workers and consultants commit on paperwork.

Several childcare centres deal with their procedure with just Excel and QuickBooks. CRAFTS fills the performance gap by centralizing and simplifying youngster registration, enrollments, attendance, residence youngster treatment service provider prerequisite tracking, CASA tracking for Montessori, billing, payments, subsidy administration and administration furthermore much far more.

An inclusive early childhood training management and administration software must supply facilities for supervisors in a treatment centre to effortlessly make documents for licensing bodies, municipalities, and parents. Preferably, your administration software will enable staff to effortlessly observe Social, Cognitive, Communicative, Adaptive, and Bodily growth together with the fundamentals concerned with attendance and enrollment as CRAFTS does.

CRAFTS contains amenities to simply document immunizations, allergic reactions, food restrictions, medical professionals, necessary medicine and motion programs, furthermore foods and different visual checks.

For the House Youngster Care Company, CRAFTS centralizes monitoring and documentation not for just the 5 domains but for supplier profile particulars these kinds of as further grown ups residing in the residence, criminal file checks, faculties, plus wage enhancement grants and subsidies. For thos businesses that have demands to monitor private kids, CRAFTS accommodates them as well.

Montessori educators can gain from the module that supports the Casa curriculum. The a few yr progression through CASA programming can easily be documented in CRAFTS and simply because its a centralized databases, studies are effortlessly produced for mothers and fathers.

Getting a cloud-based software, knowledge is often secured and obtainable from anywhere. For the many applications with limited pcs, jobs this sort of as attendance can be carried out with smartphones. Documents and reviews can be generated with the click on of a button, and this multi-place supporting application can give simple to read fiscal overviews with a variety of stories and graphs.

CRAFTS, Canada's leading childcare management application, absolutely saves time with all aspects of administration in a accredited treatment facility.

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